Review moderation and publishing process
  • 22 Jan 2023
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Review moderation and publishing process

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Moderation  Process

Reviews are one of the best ways to help families select the best option for their loved one. 

The reviews provide residents/clients and their family/friends with an opportunity to share their experience, whether giving praise or constructive criticism. In turn, communities/agencies are able to share this feedback with their teams in order to celebrate their success and make changes where appropriate. 

Our rigorous publishing process ensures that the reviews on are genuine and compliant with our review policy.

This page explains the journey of a review on, outlining each stage of the process.

1. A review is written and submitted

The process begins when a resident/client or their family/friend writes and submits a review either through our website or by sending in a Review Card provided by the community/agency. This can be on their own initiative or by invitation from a community/agency.

We require the name and telephone/email of the reviewer so that we can authenticate reviews. 

Who can submit a review?

Reviews may be submitted by anyone who has engaged with the community/agency with the exception of current or former employees. Most often reviewers include residents/clients and their family/friends. Reviewers can also include individuals who have toured a community and service providers to the community/agency.  

2. Pre-screening of review

In stage two, the review is received by and entered into our database by our Review Team. The team verifies that the review adheres to our Review Policy.

If the review is incomplete it will not be published. However, the Review Team will attempt to contact the reviewer in an effort to obtain missing information. 

3. Review authentication

To ensure that the review is genuine and the person who submitted the review has a valid connection to the community/agency, the review goes through an authentication process. 

We have a number of automated data checks to authenticate reviews, these are:

  • Has the reviewer done a previous review?
  • Has the reviewer’s email address been used before?
  • Is the review comment the same as another one?

If confirmed authentic, the review will move to publication. Please allow 5-7 business days for a review to be published.

Review Status

Under the ‘Your Reviews’ tab in the Control Panel you can view all the reviews that have been published for your setting.

Published Reviews

Published Reviews includes all reviews that have been authenticated and posted to your webpage. Once a review is published, you can then respond to it from this page using the Add a Reply button. 

There is a wealth of information available on this page including the the name of the reviewer (if they chose to include it in their review), the date the review was submitted, the date is was published, any comments provided by the reviewer and the individual star ratings across categories. 

At the top of the page is a filter option which will allow you to filter all published reviews by these attributes and others. For example, you may filter by reviews submitted during a specific time period or you may select all reviews that have not yet been replied to.

Review responses

The Review Team verifies all review responses before publication to ensure they comply with the Content Standards.

Review responses must not reveal specific personal information about the reviewer, the resident/client or a third party.

Please reply to all reviews within 30 business days.

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